2019 Auction

We’ve featured below samples of handcrafted items donated by local Idaho artists for the 2019 show auction.

2018 Mountain Bluebird 1c.JPG

Mountain Bluebird

Sialla Curocoides L 7 ¼” (18 cm)

 Male is sky blue above, paler below, with whitish belly and under tail coverts.  More than other bluebirds, hovers above prey, chiefly insects, before dropping to catch them; also catches insects in flight.  Range: Nests in tree cavities, buildings.  Inhabits open rangelands, meadows, generally at elevations above 5000 feet; in winter, found primarily in open lowlands, desert.  Highly migratory.  Adapted from: National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

 The Carving

 The life-size Mountain Bluebird is carved from tupelo, and painted in permanent acrylic colors.  The bird is mounted on a simulated Aspen branch created from aspen wood, Kraft paper and copper wire resting on a natural finish block of aspen wood.

Completed October 11, 2018

Douglas Rose

Wildfowl Carver

Meridian, Idaho


208 856-8856


Dapper Cowboy

by Eric Owens

Carved from basswood, with a pine base. The floor planking was carved separately and added to the base. Finished in acrylic paints, antiqued with Watco Dark and Natural stain, and sealed with a beeswax finish.

Dapper Cowboy front.JPG
Dapper cowboy right side.JPG